Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jared Morford and Nick Wethington Updates

I'm making Jared share this post with me because he didn't send much for lengthy updates on his activities, and he also loves sharing. He did 70 gravel miles in the greatest state of South Dakota around the 26th of June, which should maybe count as a full because it's in South Dakota, but he did it in the eastern half of the state, so there's really question as to whether it counts at all. Jared also did another metric through Stanhope and Story City from Ames around July 3rd.

I did a nice, hot metric to celebrate my birthday on July 29th up to Dakin's Lake Park and back to Ames through Colo. I have to say that the public park in Colo has some nice drinking water.

Keep sending in those updates, and all keep posting them, and will try to do so in a more timely manner!

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