Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy week

The weather has gotten warmer and the miles are starting to rack up a bit more quickly.

DavieG has cranked out two metrics in the last 5 days. On the 13th he ventured out on studded tires for 8 hours on a mix of sand, soggy gravel and dirt. St Patrick's day meant there was time for another McRide on the Heritage Trail and some gravel roads. Click on Dave's name for details on both of his rides.

Courtney Hilton also managed to get out on the 17th for some gravel on the rural roads of Polk and Madison counties. The lure of beer and wet road conditions forced him to cut his planned full century down to a metric. He's still in the one a month club.

Your's truly headed north to Decorah for Ben Shockey's STD. A planned 200 miles over 3 days turned into 120 due to some back issues. I still managed to survive the Friday ride to Harmony, MN and back for another metric, adding another punch to my one-a-month-club card.

Keep sending your rides in, and we'll keep posting them. :)

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